Beach Fun Family Time

I've been waiting for this for a loong time. A year. Spending time at the beach in the warm sand soaking up the sun is just what what the doctor ordered. There's no place I'd rather be at. Total Bliss.

My girls loved playing on the sand... Of course every kid does but mine seem to be born for this. I literally have to pry them off from the water. They think they are little mermaids! Swimming, collecting shells and building sand castles. All fun.

Now we are looking forward to going there again this week. I reeeally hope so as my first time had a rocky start. Nothing wanted to come out right from not finding one of my sisters to getting there late and the side we always go to was closed, until I was finally laying on the sand. Then it was all paradise.

Once I was in the sand nothing else mattered. Absolutely everything about being on the beach that is soothing to my soul. I healed. I needed it.

When I was coming back from the SP Island I read a bumper sticker on a car driving by that said: "I'd rather be ON THE BEACH" and all I could think of was "Amen to that, Amen to that!"
My Summer Vacation continues...



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas