Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Sophia's birthday party was so much fun. Since her birthday fell on a Monday, a weekend party was in order but when I found out the 5th was on Sunday, I took that day and theme and ran with it. With a Cinco de Mayo theme, party planning was pretty easy. The arrangements and decorating were sold everywhere and We all got to dress in our Cinco de Mayo outfits. We enjoyed our tradition and this day won't come on a weekend for another seven years so I'm so glad we got to enjoy it this year. 

The little girls looked adorable! This year's Cinco was on a Sunday so I was nervous not many would make it but I'm so thankful almost everyone I invited did. The more the merrier and we had a great time. I had family coming all the way from Alabama just to be part of our fiesta and my mother and sisters came, it was a wonderful and memorable day. 

We had delicious fajitas, my famous ranchero beans, delicious strawberry and mango margaritas and awesome music and so much more. We ate, we danced and we hit the most beautiful piƱata specially made for us for our occasion which didn't last long, by the way. Everything was awesome! :)
I was thrilled and grateful everyone made it except my oldest sister. We missed her and hope she can make it next time because my yearly party seem to only get better every year! I can't wait for the next one and God willing, it will be just a memorable. :) 

Everyone was dressed so beautiful, I can't even tell you how much we enjoyed it. There was even a Border Patrol guy just in case any of us got out of hand. :)) With so many margaritas everywhere, this was definitely a possibility. We are a crazy bunch. 

I honestly can't wait for next years party. My baby girl Sophia had a fun, we had fun and we all had a memorable fiesta... I'm so happy she had a great time! I am now beat and will take a few days to recoup. I just love moments and memories like these. Feeling so blessed.  

Happy Cinco Everyone! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas