Weekend Movie Review: Argo, Lincoln and Zero

Argo and Lincoln are together because they are a total BOREFEST together. Seriously what were the Oscar committee smoking when they voted Argo as the best Movie of the Year? They always let me down for this award and this year was not different. I tried hard several times to finish the movies but every time I fell asleep watching them. I wasn't the only one either so eventually I had to return the movies. Lincoln was somewhat interesting in the beginning but then all the politics and the blah blah blah just bored me. Argo was set in the 70s started boring and never really got any better. Apparently the 70s is not my style of movies. So due to the fact that I didn't finish the movies I can't tell if the ending was any good but from what I saw I did not like them. If I had to rate these two I would say Lincoln is way better than Argo, movie of the year. Argo reminds me of The Hurt Locker winning Movie of the Year and totally disappointing me which brings me to the happy faced movie. 
 Zero Dark Thirty... Now this a worthy movie to watch! As you can see by my awesome Happy Face graphics. I think it's a great movie many times better than The Hurt Locker so director Kathryn Bigelow you did not disappoint me this time. I highly recommend watching and even buying it but Redbox it first just in case. The hunt for Bin Laden? That tells you right there it's gonna be a good story but the role a woman played throughout the movie was awesome! Yes, I'm woman proud but in this case you can't help it, she's really good. I honestly can't wait to see what other war-like or any movie Kathryn Bigelow comes up with since I just became her fan. ;)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas