Look Mommy I Can Walk!

The much waited for day has finally happened... Marina begins to walk! One of her biggest milestones thus far and one signaling my little infant is being left behind. At 1 year, 2 weeks and 4 days my baby has turned into a toddler. But who's counting? ::Tears of Joy::

I absolutely love this new time of her life. I know they become more work since at the blink of an eye they are gone getting into trouble somewhere, it's also the time when they're most fun. She begins to be her own little person ready to try everything on her own. This little Ms Independent stage will turn into the Terrible Twos which is a very long stage that last for like 8 years. But that's another story. Right now I'm going to enjoy this Toddler stage where their wobbling bodies everywhere are simply the most adorable thing ever.

Marina feeds herself which makes for quite a messy meal time but she's learning. She likes to pick up every single little pebble on the floor and yes lick it a bit, but hey, she's learning. Her baby tantrums are so cute right now and don't last long so I'm going to enjoy them for now... while they last. Marina is babbling up a storm now, while it may sound like cave man noises to everyone, to me I know exactly what she's saying. She does throw some coherent words here and there like DAAAADAAAAAA! (She likes to scream at him) and Titter, at her sisters and Teta when she wants her bottle and more. Mostly her communication is on a need to know basis, I can read her mind and make sure she has everything she needs.

I am thrilled at her new stage and by her walking it will all be so much more fun now... and work, but mostly fun. Thank you Lord for blessing is with this amazing milestone. :) My little one can walk!!!!!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas