Milestone: Marina is 11 Months!

My sweet baby girl has turned 11 months and she is cuter than ever! The more they get into trouble, the cuter they are. Aren't they?

She is creeping now grabbing on to furniture and when she stands on her own for a couple of seconds and falls down, she gets right up again. She's a go getter and not afraid of the struggle attitude. She is my little Brave. :)

She weighs so much now and the car seat is torture to carry around. Sometimes I wish she could walk already but it's all in due time. I am just enjoying her just the way she is right now.

Just one more month and it'll be her one year birthday! This is when she gets her ears pierced and her very own cake to do whatever she wants with it. Usually it's a mess but I enjoy watching.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas