Party Planning Chaos + Procrastination Bliss

My baby girl Camila is turning the big FIVE, as in she's growing up so fast she'll be entering school this year, fast. I don't even want to think about that yet, it's got a whole other blog page filled with sobbing and crying reserved all for it. But right now, I am living in the moment and this moment can only be described as peaceful. I have a million party planning lists, they all say the same thing and I am waiting to do them all the day before the party. Hey, I'm a procrastinator, it's what I do, so right now I have no worries.

Party planning is one of those things that I love to do but don't look forward to doing. If this didn't make sense, neither does the long month of planning lists that I do but don't really do them. I am three days before the party and it's just starting to sink in. I am not the kind of mom that has the party planned and put together weeks before the event, I'm more like the crazy person who runs into party planning chaos the day before the event and is running to get things the day of the event. It's sad but true.

I usually enter over drive the day before and the day of the event where I become focus and nothing, I mean nothing better go wrong or else. This is not a big party, I mean she's turning 5 and it's a Hello Kitty theme, so it's a piece of cake. Which reminds me I need to order the cake.

I got this: A Hello Kitty moonwalk, a Hello Kitty Cake, Hello Kitty PiƱata, Hello Kitty Decorations... Sure, I'll have Hello Kitty nightmares for the weeks ahead but my baby girl will have an awesome time! That's what the party theme is all about, going crazy on the character and enjoying it. It's gonna be shooo CUTE! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas