Marina Turns 10 Months

My baby girl is growing on up and every day she is learning new things. This month's milestone would be that she is crawling way beyond her limits and she crawled all the way up the stairs on her own!  Oh yes, we were there the whole time but now a baby gate from Amazon is now in our Shopping Cart and out for delivery. This 10 month old baby is fearless which worries me even more. Baby proofing continues. :)

My two other daughters were more afraid of challenges and may have been a reason why they walked at a year and three months but this baby is growing up much faster than they did.  She is definitely a handfull as she is so attached to me and makes all my daily activities more difficult. Every day is a joy and a blessing to have in my life and I cherish every little wonderful moment with her.

She Stands and Sits Pretty :)
My little Mimi is now creeping on furniture unassisted and is very curious of high places.  She is having much more fun now that she can reach and grab things she couldn't before.  So aside from her crawling and creeping on furniture she is also beginning to "talk".  Not just babble but actually know what words mean and repeats them.  This is the first time I am noticing this change as she is beginning to understand what "mama", "teta", "gaga" and her favorite "dada" mean and is repeating them as well.  This is great news since Sophia began to speak words at 10 months as well.
Crawling  and Getting in Trouble :)
Crawling, Creeping and now begins to talk... my 10 month old baby girl is right on track.  My biggest blessing is that she is healthy and thriving and my biggest responsibility as a mother is to give them the very best start in life and to do everything in my power to make it so.  Thank you Lord for blessing us with her beautiful life as she completes us.  We love you so much Marina, you mean the world to us baby girl! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas