Praying for Newtown, Connecticut.

The massive shooting in the Elementary school Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut has been nothing short of heart breaking. As a mother of three my heart sunk when I heard the terrible news of what happened to those little children and the suffering of their parents was indescribable.

Then the number began to rise until 20 children lost their lives to a senseless criminal with nothing to lose. All I could think of was why? Why would anyone do such a thing and onto someone as defenseless as a child. To me there is no worst criminal than that who harms children and in this man's case, he was pure evil.

Yesterday has become a day I will never soon forget. I hugged my children as I was reminded how blessed I was to be able to. My heart and prayers are with the families of lost ones and may God soon bring peace in their hearts and minds after this devastating tragedy.



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas