I'm Getting a Straw For Christmas

Hello December. It's hard to believe the year is wrapping up and with Christmas on the way, it is quite literal. I love Christmas time. It's my favorite time of the year but it's also one that requires so much work and planning and wrapping and essentially stress. Even though I have three daughters now, this year is somewhat easier when giving gifts to my girls. For one, my first two daughters are getting very similar gifts and some they can sharing. As for my baby, a rattle will do. So surprisingly, this year has been so much easier. Phew!

Christmas is no longer a time for massive gift shopping anymore. What I want to do is focus our Holiday cheer on our Lord and being grateful for everything he has done for us this whole year. Being blessed with life, health and love is the greatest gift we would receive this Christmas.

No, I am not turning into this huge cheapo mother who begins to gift wrap cereal boxes from the pantry, but I do want my family to feel the cheer and love for the season and what it means to give from the heart. While I am getting a blue straw wrapped in home made wrapping paper from my four year old, what I appreciate most is her taking the time for me. These are the little things that make this mom the happiest woman in the world. :)

Happy December! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas