Goodbye 2012: Year in Review

I don't know if I can possibly remember everything that happened this year but all I know it's been a good one with lots of fun memories. Except for the Mayan Doomsday scare, everything else was pretty good.

  1. My baby girl Marina was Born! This is by far the biggest and brightest blessings of the year. Our third little bundle of joy came into our lives to fill us with so much love and joy. She's such a treat and all year has been fun to watch her grow, develop and see her little personality begin to flourish. I know this coming year will be even better with her "walking" milestone right around the corner we'll get to do more fun things with her.
  2. We got Rain. This is a big one for us since the drought of 2011 devastated some of our very old and beautiful trees in our ranch. What they had predicted to be another extreme dry year turned out with plenty of rain! This was a definite blessing as I couldn't bear to see more beautiful nature destroyed. So Mother Nature, keep the rain coming this year!!!!!!
  3. Family Vacationing. After having Marina, we were finally able to go out and about. My pregnancy had me where I couldn't travel due to my extreme lower back pain so this was nice to get back to. We visited both our families and they got to meet my little one. I am looking forward to doing a lot more traveling this coming year!
  4. Epic Family Party. Sophia's 10th birthday party in May turned out to be pretty awesome. This is memorable because almost all my family was here, minus my oldest sister. We haven't been together in a party like this since Sophia's 6th birthday party and my mom had a blast. This doesn't happen often but I am prayer for a repeat this year!
  5. Blessing of Health. My family had health this year and aside from some things happening here and there, we are still together and with our health and love each other very much. My mother and father are well and this to me is a wonderful blessing. My sisters and brother are happy as well as their families. We got to visit each other this year and had some very special times together. We are definitely looking forward to another year of family fun because no body can party like we can! :)
Completely grateful to have made it to another year with the company and love of my family whom I love so much. We have our grapes and party hats ready to ring in the new year tonight. It's always sad to say Goodbye at the end of the year and 2012 is no exception, but must keep a hopeful heart that 2013 will be a million times better!


Oh dang, we need Fireworks!!!!!!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas