Sophia is halfway to a Black Belt

This moment meant alot to her and to me as well. It meant a long year of discipline and never giving up. I could tell she was very proud of herself as her dream of getting to a blackbelt is now closer than ever. Her journey began one year ago as it seem like it would be a fun hobby to get into. It has now turned into the beginning of a training that will last her a lifetime.

She is getting tough, that's for sure! :) When she began sparring she was scared. She was afraid of fighting with boys who were often times rougher with her thinking they could take advantage and get more points. This was not the place to complain that it hurt, this was the place to learn from it. I didn't like to see her fight with boys but thats all there were so she had to make due. As the months pass since she began sparring, she now has to be told to take it easy, or tone it down. I cannot believe she is becoming so strong and confident in herself that this blue belt definitely fits her.

She has six more belts to go and she is enjoying every one of them. Last year when he began her martial arts training, I had a difficult pregnancy and even with all the back pain that made it almost impossible to walk, I would get up and take her to class. Trough cold or rain she is enduring when many other kids have left. This is not for everyone and each child has to pick their likes. I'm happy to know this is something she enjoys and is becoming so good at. I am so proud of her, she reminds me of me but with the opportunities that I never had. Do I see her mastering this skill and kicking boy's behinds (for fun) for the rest of her life, heck yeah! :) This is a training that will prove invaluable now that she is young, later as she is a girl and for the rest of her life as it is a great discipline. Even if this is as far she she gets, she has planted a seed that will grow stronger as she gets to adulthood. She will always fall back on to these first few years of training. And me, well I'm just in awe at all of her accomplishmens as I'm growing a smart and tough babygirl with a great sense for girly fashion. :)

Now we go for the Black belt!!! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas