Marina is 8 Months

You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun and in my baby girl's case, this is definitely true. She is growing up so fast that I don't even notice the changes anymore unless I see her in photos. Oh how I love photos! Without them I wouldn't be able to keep up with my daughter's changes anymore.

At 8 months, Marina can sit on her own and is strong enough to stand on her legs but assisted. She is growing her leg muscles and she is beginning her training in her walker. I've never been a fan of baby walkers as they claim to get in the way of baby's normal training but she got one so I use it. At this point it can't harm her as she mainly uses it to stand and play. Other than that she is in the floor sitting and getting on her knees rocking back and forth as if getting to take the next leap. Crawling is not far for her I can tell. She practices it every day and her leg and back muscles are getting stronger every day.

She is definitely getting better at the out of sight out of mind dilemma. She knows if something is taken away is somewhere and will look for it but not for long. I try not take things from her much as she will learn not to trust me as that's where babies that grab and run begin. She is beginning her exploring stage and I love it. Everything seems magical to her and must be touched, squeezed and always tasted. It's her natural senses that teach her everything that she knows about this world right now. I can tell her it's not good to eat but unless her mouth tells her it actually tastes nasty and to spit it out, she will have no clue what I'm saying.

She's getting a strong sense of who I am, maybe not that I'm her "mother" but definitely that I am her number one person in her life. She depends on me, she trusts me and she loves me... This is enough to send me in cloud nine just being around her. If she only knew I feel the exact same way about her but i find a way to let her know a little bit every day.

She can also clap! Baby clapping is so cute. Her fine motor skills are getting pretty good as she can now pick small crumb size things with her pincer grasp and I have fun seeing her keep trying. Every little thing is an accomplishment to me.

Socially she is a very happy baby and is better with stranger anxiety. As long as she is with mommy, she is learning she can trust people. I make her feel safe unless its her pediatrician clinic, she doesn't trust them. She knows they're up to no good. She always finds a way to entertain herself even if she is just sitting down in her Bumbo watching us.

Every day is another magical day of learning and exploring. She is such a wonderful blessing and as she learns from me, I learn so much from her. :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas