I can't sleep so I blog about cats

I was woke up by no other that cats, Mia to be specific. She has to defend her territory being that she has five adorable ones to protect. I know how she feels, I have three babygirls that I have to protect at all times but she takes it a bit too extreme sometimes.

We love cats, there's no doubt about that and I blame my father's genetics for it. I'm not quite sure how far back the genetic mutation took place but it happened and I definitely have it. It's been passed down from generation to generation and now, well my girls have it also. Two of my girls for sure and my little one seems to squeal in joy at the sight of a cat, so I'm guessing there's no hope for her either.

But in all fairness, I could blame photography for this as well. I mean, come one, what makes for a cuter prop that a real live kitten? Nothing compares and it takes any photo up the cuteness scale like off the charts. I can also claim to be a Cat Photographer and move on with my life and stop blaming genetics which is like, 'hey, why you blame me for everything?'.

Ok, now that I'm making DNA talk, I think I'm getting delusional and need to get off this blogging thing and get some sleep... and also play with this adowable fur ball kitten on my lap yawning and just begging for a rub down.

Goodnight or Goodmorning... or whatever! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas