On our way out to Trick-or-Treat
It's that time of the year again, to dress goofy and beg for candy... who would enjoy such a thing? US! :) Once a year, this is our day to have fun as a family and this year was even more special because we have a new addition to the family! Marina enjoyed her first Halloween with us and she loved it. She had no idea what was going on of course or can't even eat candy but she loved the ride and the people everywhere.

Sophie brought her friends along this year so it made the day even more fun for her. The day did not go as planned as we had three pine trees brought down and it took almost the whole day. The tree trimming crew finished at 6pm and the kids were already starting to show up. After they cleaned up the yard, we rushed in to put the decorations up and we got ready in a flash.

Just like anything else I plan for, the day went by way too fast. I wasn't able to enjoy anything as there was a crew of men outside my yard the whole day but I'm glad to have that over with. With these pine trees gone, we can now begin to tree shop for a couple of beautiful oak trees that will give us shade and also not be so much work to keep clean.

After the crew left, we began to quickly dress up and out night of fun finally began. Sophia dressed like a rocker witch, Camila like a pink BatGirl, Marina was a kitty cat, Gary was Chief Wansum Tail (seriously, that was his costume's name) and me... a sexy indian girl. haha I've always gone for the sexy style outfits even if I'm not... the sexy witch, the sexy nun and now the sexy Indian. Whatever, I had fun. :)

Aside for a 'Debbie-Downer' type of person who wrote on my Facebook wall that if I cared about my daughters I wouldn't expose them to this nonsense of Halloween as it could seriously scar them spiritually for life... everything else went as planned.



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas