The iPhone 5. I feel an affair on my 4S coming soon

How will I say Goodbye to my iPhone 4S? It's been my little me, my confidant, my assistant, my 'I'll have a mini heart attack when he's not near me' thing for the past year. It's not gonna be easy moving on. Or will it? :)

Today I pre-ordered the iPhone 5 for a delivery of next Friday! What made me move on to sometime bigger, better and shinier? Easy, I had an upgrade! I know they say a true measure of an Apple Fan is that he will buy an iPhone even when he has no upgrade... I guess I'm not so true of a fan afterall. :( Don't hate!

Dang, the sell of this phone seems to break all records! One hour after going on sale at 12am, the first batch sold out. I fell asleep waiting so this morning I got the shocker... Delivery in two weeks?! Noooo!!! I rush to Sprint and lo and behold they still had it. Yes! Today was a happy day afterall.

With that said, I'm pretty darn excited about something other than the actual phone. Yes, it's pretty to look at but it's the inside that matters to me. Awww see, I'm NOT so shallow people! :P

iOS 6 seems a big step towards perfection. On it's own, it's not there yet but it's a big step. I can already picture myself using it but I will not need to wait until Friday for the iPhone 5 to get it since the update will come to my 4S on Wednesday. I'll be able to get a 'taste' of it before the 5 comes home. I can't wait.

So now I wait with open arms for my 5 and a tear in my eye as I hand over my 4S to my 10 year old. "Be good to him," I'll say to her "because he has been good to me." :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas