I Fell in Love with my iPhone... Again

Like a little girl in Christmas morning, I rushed to open my delivery box. I was nervous, "what if I don't like it?" It was one reason I changed to an iPhone, I like smaller phones. But when I first opened it, I wasn't impressed... it looked so much like my 4S, I thought. But just one day later, I can see the mayor differences between the two already. The insides of course are now identical, they both have the iOS 6 but in the bigger screen of the 5, I can enjoy it so much more. The screen shows more so therefore the Apps are more fun to use because of the screen. So by just having this slightly bigger screen, the iPhone 5 became infinitely better in every way.

It's lighter. I'm not kidding when I say that just after one day of use, my old 4S feels like a small block in my hands. Even though it's not lighter or bigger by much, the small change makes a big difference. I guess the folks at Apple know just how much to give to make it just right. And this time they got it again.

As for the iPhone 5 being 'faster', I can't comment... yet. I have it on Wifi but I am ready to test out the 4G and see how it compares. The 3G never impressed me and I was always looking for a hotspot. If the phone worked faster out in the world, this would just be a bonus, or the cherry on top.

So is for me the bigger, lighter, faster reason for getting the iPhone 5 worth it? To me, it's a big resounding YES. It might not 'look' so much better, (although the silver and white look gorgeous) but it just 'feels' and 'works' so much better. And these are plenty of reasons to fall in love with your iPhone all over again! It's like a new phone without actually looking like a new phone. It's perfect! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas