The bite I will never forget.

What started out as a fun day out sight seeing spending family time, ended up almost taking my life. Maybe it might not have gotten that far but then again, it could have since I found out I am allergic to their venom. This was my first time ever getting bit by poisionous anything and I'm glad I only got bit once.

I guess this was the only way to find out I was allergic to yellow jacket venom was by getting bit. I read somewhere due to the record hot weather this year, these venomous bugs are reproducing like crazy. They are extra frisky and I guess extra cranky because it didn't take long for them to attack us. I was literally chased by it and stung right over my heart. The venom went straight on in there and my arm went completely numb, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack and I could breathe! I was able to grab her and pinch her hard before she tried to sting my 5 month old baby.

Never do this when you're being attacked by bees: Run into a closed up vehicle with people and babies inside of it. My husband Gary did that... with all of us inside the truck! That's where the horror began and my screaming! He had so many of them still on him and inside his clothes when he got inside the truck that they all flew out as he got in the truck! They were buzzing everywhere! My 4 year old got stung three times by the yellow jackets he brough inside and me once. That's when we all got out of the truck and just ran for our lives! It was raining outside, so you can imagine this looked like a complete horror movies.

I also read somewhere (yea I read alot) that bees will get stunned by sudden cold temperatures and will fall off of you and die. This is why we saw yellow jackets crawling on the wind shields instead of attacking us as we were driving later on. So if you're ever attacked by bees, hope they are not yellow jackets because they hurt like hell! But anyways, if you do, run indoors to the air conditioner where it's cold. I know it seems crazy to bring the bess inside but apparently they say it stuns them. But either way, stay away from them! I know I am, they are pure evil.

Ok, so let's see, Gary got stunned 13 times... as in yes, THIRTEEN TIMES! Camila got stung three and my little ol' self once but it was on the heart and I'm allergic so that makes it worse. Ok maybe it doens't but I read (again) that you're usually ok if you get stung by yellow jackets UNLESS you're stung more than 10 times and/or allergic. That put Gary and I in BIG trouble. So that night, we said our prayers and went to sleep.

The next morning: I'M ALIVE!!!!!!! Yes, it felt great to be alive. It takes hours for the venom to be cleared out of the body. We searched the truck and we found the dead yellow jacket that had bit me right where I threw her after squeezing her. She still had her stinger on. She actually planned on stinging me several more times I'm sure, but since I have my ninja fast reflexes, beat her to the punch. Or maybe it was my motherly insticts, I would die before letting one of those sting my little baby girl. I was all beast like trying to protect my little ones. That's what any good mom would do, even if it meant my own life. :)

NOTE TO SELF: Add Yellow Jackets to my HATE LIST.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas