My Three iPad Essentials

I often get asked what are the first Apps to get on a new iPad. You should start with the outside. I found a great company that does some pretty cool iPad gadgets and these are my favorite three. I can't say it enough, they are MUST haves for your new iPad or if you plan on getting one in the near future. If you are not planning on it, then do. The iPad itself is the number one Life Essential! :)

  1. The first thing to get for your new iPad is the screen protector. Yes, I'm one of those who have to protect everything when I first get it, but I have kids and accidents will happen. I know there are some cheapos out there and really you get what you pay for. ZAGG has by far the best screen protector out there. They have no glare, look great and they last forever and you get free replacements if something ever does happen. I've had mine for a year and with two kids fighting for my iPad all the time, I haven't had to replace it once.
  2. The case. Yes, I know it's all shiny and silver and you gotta show off the back logo but after you're all done with that part, protect it. I don't mean just from scratches but from falls. This is where you can do whatever your style is. There are some hard ones, fluffy ones, cute ones or leather ones. I have what my favorite brand is, Coach, but this is just me. Either way you go, get a case.
  3. A bluetooth keyboard! Oh yes, I know, why do I need a keyboard, the screen has one already, duh! I hate it when I hear that but yes, to me the iPad is not complete unless it has an external bluetooth keyboard. This is by far, my favorite gadget besides the actual iPad. I'm on it right now and will make your iPad 10 times more fun to use by getting one. Trust me. And yes, ZAGG also has the best iPad keyboard.
That's it... all pretty basic stuff but if you're like me when I first got my iPad, I had no clue what to do first. So learn from my mistakes... or don't, it's fine by me really. And now comes the next part, to fill it up with all your favorite Apps... well this part is all up to you. Enjoy. :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas