MEXICO: Wins Olympic GOLD!

It just so happen that I was vacationing all during the Olympic games... every single day. I actually returned on the closing ceremony! I planned on watching every game and being excited for every US win, unfortunately that never happen.

One win I did see came after a text message I got from my sister. "Mexico is going for the Gold!!!!" Yes, this many exclamation points actually. I could not believe it, this was awesome news. I love soccer but only when it's played during the World Cup but not know Mexico was finalist, I was in. I HAD to find a TV, somewhere... anywhere, but I was watching this match.

Nothing ever goes like I plan. I almost missed the whole show, darn European hours but I saw the second half and I was loving what I saw... Mexico winning... against Brazil! Holy Cow, I thought, this is one amazing game. I was visiting family in the South to whom I probably look like one creepy alien jumping and screaming when Mexico scored a second GooooooooLLLLLL. But did I care? Nope.

I Love Brazil... my second favorite team but come on, Mexico had to win. The victory was an amazing one. First because they scored a goal in the first 30 seconds of the game - that made history, and the very fact that Mexico won the Gold made history... first time ever! Yes, this made my day and week and month apparently because I still can't forget it and probably never will. :)

Just an awesome win and even though I was told Mexico was the underdog of Olympic wins, I said this is not just a win, this is a helluva win! Come on, in some countries men rate their manhood according to how good they play soccer. Some American just don't understand, but to the rest of the world, this is a BIG DEAL. :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas