Marina's First Highchair Memory

Marina Proud to Be In Her High Chair :)
Let the baby feeding begin! My baby girl is eating solids now and I'm so excited. This is her time of learning healthy eating habits. I waited closer to six months as this is what I've done with my other two girls and she is now ready as can be. It is recommended to wait giving babies solids to help avoid food allergies but also If you start too early, babies are not ready and it's all one big waste of time and frustration. The best thing to do is to wait close to six months, baby is ready, her body is ready and I'm ready... this has just always worked best for me.

I start her with the worst tasting baby foods, like green beans or sweet potato and then move on to the sweet or better tasting ones like banana and apple. This way they are less likely to reject eating the veggies as they have no clue there are sweeter foods out there. Always wait 3 to 5 days between different foods to detect any food allergies and keep a baby food log. I like to check off at least three days in a row giving her the same food before moving on to the next one.

I have done this with my other two girls and they love their veggies. This is one thing I'm proud of, they love their broccoli and their carrots. I believe this healthy eating habit start off early in life and with your first experiences with food. Look at her, she is ready to eat whatever you feed her, it's all the same to her. I remember getting the "you give avocado to your baby, gross!" Oh, you mean the best all natural and nutritious baby food I can give my baby? I guess yes, yes I do. And now, I can't keep avocados at home long enough before they're gone!

We as parents have all the say so in what our children eat and right now, in this high chair is where it all starts. Happy Baby Feeding! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas