Never Take Rain For Granted

Growing up in Texas I had never seen anything like last year's drought. I would literally cry as i would drive past these streets watching as our beautiful land turn brown. Grass turned yellow, beautiful 100 year oak trees died and thousands of acres of beautiful land and homes burned to ashes. There was even times when I couldn't see in front of me driving through a cloud of smoke from the forest wild fires. It was all just so terrible and extremely sad.. nothing I pray, I would ever want to see again. The 100 Year Drought was devastating to us all.


Fast forward one year later and these same streets are filled with color of greens and even darker greens! The trees that died are forever gone but the beauty of life has once again resurfaced to these same towns and it's a beautiful sight to see! It says to me that no matter how utterly difficult and seemingly devastating something may seem, there's always hope for the future.

I never take a storm, a shower or even a drizzle for granted these days. I've been through this worst drought and our Lord has been kind to bring life back to us this year, I can't say how grateful I am for every last drop we get. Rain is Life and Life is Utterly Amazing! :)



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas