Happy Fourth of July

This Fourth of July was just like every other we've had for the past few years and it still doesn't get old.  My favorite part of course is the gathering of the people, dressed with pride and love for our country.  The delicious food is also a plus and it's something I look forward to the whole year.

This year was special because the fireworks were not cancelled due to an extreme drought like we had last year.  Last year was by far the saddest it's been and one I pray never repeats itself.  We had a "lazer show" which meant it was gonna be lame.  I don't know, we didn't stick around to find out if it was.  Last year was just sad and this is why this year was such a blessing.  A reminder our Lord has not forgotten about us and rain is something that should never be taken for granted!

My girls dressed with their red, white and blue clothes are so beautiful and magical to me. This is a special time to celebrate and appreciate this amazing country of ours. The freedoms and all those who made it possible for us.  Yes, one of my favorite days of the year, indeed. One more awesome thing is, I get to photograph my family looking so cute and these memories are the best.  Yes, I am not in any of the photos but I guarantee you I was dressed just as cute as they are but no body will know this. Ha! :)
Yes, we had fireworks!!!! :) 

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas