Blisswood Ranch, Texas

This place was amazing! I knew it from the first day we got there when we saw a rainbow that we would have a wonderful time. The first part of our Summer travels began at the beach roasting under the beautiful sun's rays, hearing the amazing waves and the second part ended with an out in the woods adventure. We had this place ready to go when we came back and were so excited to get there. First things first, Gary wanted to teach the girls all about fishing. It all went great except he didn't catch anything and Sophia ended up catching two. So the student actually became the teacher. :) 

I had never been to B&B but this place was different. We were given isolation, privacy and the freedom to explore as we pleased. Only for the horse back riding, we had to go to the main barn to get the horses all saddled up and ready to go. Gary and Sophia went trail riding and I stayed behind with the little ones and also on account that I can't ride worth a darn but it's on my To Do list.

Aside from being a wonderful family get away, the scenery is also perfect for some gorgeous photos. So if you're looking for a wonderful place for a photo shoot, this place is it. There's lots of places to choose from ponds, to bridges to flower covered fields to a beautiful sunset background. It would help if I had participating people in mine but nope. I have to get them while I can so having willing, ready and posing models would help out tremendously. But life is not a photo shoot or a still life so we have to make it work with that we have and it's actually great excersie too!

So forgive me if I'm not in any of these family pictures as I already have. I know I will regret it when I'm 90 since it looks like I'm never there but I have no choice. Yes, there's this thing called a tripod but I hate carrying it so, as far as these photos go it's like I wasn't even there.

But I can assure you I was and had a great time! And for memory's sake I shall carry a tripod next time, it's only fair. This is why all my pictures are taken by me with my right arm always on the way. They are so spoiled, they never offer to take a photo of me. Oh well, not everybody is lucky to have a photographer following them around, I guess.

The whole week was amazing! I hate that it's over. I hate it when anything's over. I don't like endings. Ok enough of that... I've established my dislike of finales. But everything does so I try to enjoy everything as much as I can when they happen because these moments don't last forever. There's only one thing left to do and that's to look forward to our next family trip as I'm sure it's gonna be fabulous! :)

Happy Travels and Stay Safe!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas

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