The Two Month Old Milestone:

At 2 months old she is as cute as can be. Even though she can now smile and coo most of the time, she actually began doing this at one month old. She seems to me progressing socially a bit earlier than my other two girls. So far Sophia has the record for talking early at 10 months! She could barely sit on her own but she was already saying cat, agua, teta and of course mama. Most of these words are in Spanish but she was saying them and more none the less. To me her early speech was nothing unusual since she was my first baby but when my second daughter was a 18 months and barely saying a word or two I began to consider 10 months pretty early. Marina seems to be right around the heels of Sophia's milestone record. We'll see how she progresses but so far she seems to be very social and babbling at one month old is the cutest baby girl ever!

Marina has her first set of shots coming up this week and of course I'm not looking forward to her enduring this horrid ritual but it's a very important part of her healthy development. I will feel safer having her vaccinated and ready for travel this Summer. I remember traveling with a baby is not exactly a fun deal but now traveling with three kids will definitely be an adventure. Looking forward to it! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas