Sophia's 10th Birthday PARTY!

I am the proudest mother to a smart, sweet and beautiful 10 year old! I can't believe it's been this long and the first little baby to come into my life to change it forever has transformed into this amazing little princess! I can still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday... I close my eyes and the feeling of amazement is still there, the feeling of fear there and most of all the feeling of complete and utter fulfilment is most definitely there. I felt my life was now complete, nothing else could compare to the joy and love that came bundled up weighing in only 6lbs, 9oz. Something so small was the biggest and most amazing thing that had ever happened to me! My life took a meaning that is indescrivable in every sense of the world. I was stunned and could not believe my life would never be the same and it never has.

My daughter's birth ten years ago also became my re-birth. The term "your life will never be the same" was something I didn't fully understand until she was born. That day my life got a whole new meaning and new goal and a new sense of direction... I became WE. I no longer saw life wondering about what I wanted or needed but what we needed and my life became that much more important. I had a responsibility unlike anything I ever had before, someone's life is precious but a little piece of me was even more so. She depended on me and I ultimately became dependent on her.

I felt strong, powerful and above all loved. A love I had never experienced before. Unconditional love is the most amazing kind of love there is and I was getting loads of it every single day! I became stronger and stronger in my own sense of self the more and more she grew. She has since become my rock, my foundation and energy to continue my journey in life. She gave me a purpose that not even I could imagine. I will forever be grateful for everything she's given me... a mother's love has been the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and has forever changed my life! :)

10 years later we are planning her birthday party that we hoped our family would be a part of. It was so amazing and fun, memorable in every way! We knew we would have fun but fun became an understatement... we had a blast! She chose her dress, her black heel shoes (which ended up fitting small) and her theme. She has grown up so much from having a Hello Kitty theme party when she was 2 years old. Now it was just... pink and black. Yes, it was her day so the party would be her way. It was beautiful and a day she will never forget!

I don't know how I managed it all in one week with a few kinks here and there... i.e.. could not book the Mariachi band on time (due to Cinco de Mayo they were all taken) and the helium tank I bought was actually empty! So yes, those two were minor set backs but nothing that became too noticeable. My family coming togther to celebrate my daughters's special day was so significant and essential in making her birth day one to remember.

We laughed, we danced, we ate fajitas, we drank margaritas, we hit the pinata and we jumped on the moonwalk! My sisters and brother were here, my mother and friends were here... it was such a memorable day that I've only had the pleasure of hosting two of these in my life so far but hoping for a repeat soon. I am so exhausted but it was so amazingly worth it! :)
... and yes, it was also Cinco De Mayo!
and yes, that sombrero does weigh a ton. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas