Happy Mother's Day!

I can't complain, I woke up next to my three loves of my life this morning. These are precious moments I can never take for granted because as amazing as they are, they will not last forever. It seems like yesterday my 10 year old Sophia was born, I can only imagine the same happening with my two month old now. Time definitely flies and when it does, you have to enjoy it while you can.

This mother's day was so amazingly fulfilling. Being that I am a mom to three amazing little girls, I could not ask for more. I've always been a girl who doesn't ask for much but being blessed with my three daughters has been more than I ever imagined I would have in my lifetime. I am way more than grateful, I am honored to be their mom which to me means everything and right now my main priority in life.

I have put my life on hold for them or basically on over drive. Tackling a hundred things at once is not easy but I am getting the hang of it. Two months after my third baby girl is born, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I worried how I'm gonna do this with so much going on in my life but I guess I always find a way. When you love what you do, there's always a way. :)

My mother's day was super. Like every year I choose to go eat at Red Lobster and have a giant Sunset Passion Colatta which I have to share with everyone of course. I order it non-alcoholic so my girls can have some (or most of it) too. I ask for the shots (coconut rum) on the side which taste yummy with my lobster meal by the way.

Home made cards are my favorite thing to get and this year was no exception. I always ask for them because there's nothing more personal and special than something you made with your hands and my girls are experts at this. Camila woke up super early just to wish me a Happy Mother's Day and so I could finally open her card. Aww, These little moments mean the world to me! :)

Pancake Breakfast from Sophie was another one of my favorite surprises. I never say no when they offer because I know how amazing it feels to do something for the ones you love. I do it all the time for them and I know they enjoy having these special gestures toward me... at least twice a year - Mother's Day and my Birthday.

Today I also got a good laugh when I found out my dad ate most of the fruit from the Edible Arrangement I sent to my mom. (I'll make sure to send him one on his day I guess) What a blessing to have my mother on this very special day. She's the best mom a girl could ever have. I only wish to be half the mother and make half she sacrifices she made for us. She truly has all my admiration for there is nothing she wouldn't do for us. I can never say it enough, I love my mother with all my heart! She's the most amazing mother ever!!!

My day was an enormous blessing and I'm so happy about everything that happened to me. So my day ended in bed with my girls and baby boy watching the chick flick, The Vow. Not bad for a day that should be celebrated more than once but luckily for me it does... Next stop for pampering: MY BIRTHDAY! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas