My HOUSE Addiction. Goodbye Wont Be Easy

What more can I say other than I freakin love this show! That about sums it up. While Hulu has been my place to go to to catch up, my DVR has been pretty helpful with old episodes I may have missed. This is pretty much what I do with my sleepless nights and sometimes days. It makes it a little less, how can I say it, boring. Yes, feedings at 3am tend to get kind of, how can I say it, boring, so Marina and I need something to entertain us until she gets sleepy again. :)

I just basically want to watch every single episode! Seriously. I think it can be done as I'm sure there's bound to be someone out there who has. I want to be just like him or her because she's probably awesome or feeding a baby at pretty early times in the day.

I remember watching the 2002 FIFA World Cup games in the middle of the night while feeding Sophia as a newborn. Since they would air live around 3am, and I had to get up to feed her at that time, I would just turn on my big tube TV and enjoy the show to pass the time. The good thing is that I always watched the shows live instead of re runs during the day like everyone else. Ha-Ha. So you see, I made my time useful and got to see the whole tournament. :)

While this is House's last season and saying Goodbye won't be easy, all the re-runs in every other channel is going to make things easier for me. So yay, I wont get separation anxiety too bad. I'm pretty excited to find out what the last show is going to be about. The last show will air a couple of days before my bithday in May so I'm pretty much looking forward to it... and yes my birthday will be awesome too.


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas