Marina At One Month Old

Not a day passes that I don't feel blessed for having our new little bundle of love and joy in our lives. She has been so much more than I ever expected as the rush of feel good hormones are still rushing through my body. Other than being a little bit sleep deprived, she has been such an easy baby to care for. Thank you God, I can never be more thankful for this. She sleeps on her own and is so content when she's left in her bouncy vibrating chair that almost every time it turns out into some more sleeping time.

ONE MONTH OLD. While I certianly can't tell much difference from the day she was born to now on her sleeping, she is beginning to show other signs of brain development. One of the major milestones I just began to notice is her smiles and it's one of my favorites! There is nothing in the world that makes my heart melt faster than when she sees my face and she flashes her mouth full of gums at me. Its the greatest feeling in the world that she finally knows im alive. I can sit there making funny voices forever just to get a glimpse of a big smile on her face. I know Im gonna begin to get more and more of this everyday. While babies begin to smile around 6 weeks, she's a bit early. Maybe it's helping that she's always getting so much attention and interaction from at least one of us and as you can see she's got plenty of loving coming at her at all times. She is one spoilingly loved baby girl. :)

Time certainly flies and I'm finally seeing some sense into my life again. Raising and caring for 3 girls comes with some definite challenges that surprisingly I have managed quite well so far. They each have their needs and while it takes some running around sometimes It can become a bit overwhelming. There is, of course, no greater joy than when I see my girls happy and cared for. They are my biggest blessings in life and my reasons for living that enjoying every day is not work but an honor. A challenging honor but time flies so when it finally comes for them to move on, I want to say I enjoyed every possible moment with them to the fullest. No regrets, only a glass of wine in my hand saying "I did good". Then I'll be old and in a nursing home chair somewhere.

Ok, I got depressing there for a second but as you can see my life now is actually the most exciting time it will ever be. Well, I guess any life seems infinitely more exciting when you compare it to sitting in a nursing home chair somewhere. At least I'm realizing this early and not waiting until I actually am in a nursing home and regretful wishing I had done things differently. I like to think that won't be my fate though, a nursing home I mean. Come on, I have three girls, one of them in bound to feel sorry for me and take me to live with them! Ok, maybe I should have more kids juust in case.

Alright, back to my life right now. (I hate it when I go in fantasy mode). So I took these photos for Marina's One Monthaversary and I can't wait to frame a couple. It's my first little photo shoot with my three girls together and I loved seeing them like that so much. It was a pleasure and some photos that we will treasure forever. 😊

Sophia, Camila and Marina, a.k.a. "Mommy's Girls"


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas