HAPPY EASTER: Confetti Time!

Maybe you've heard of them or maybe you haven't, but growing up we celebrated Easter with confetti filled eggs and as a kid there was nothing more exiting. For weeks the family would empty egg shells, wash them and sit them down to dry until we made dozens of them. As Easter approached, we would paint them and fill them up with confetti and some naughty eggs would be filled with other things like flour! Then on Easter we would search for the eggs and chase each other around cracking them on the head. Whoever got struck with the flour egg usually went home crying but that was fun too.

While now I dont find the eggs anymore, i have become the target of all my girl's head egg cracking. i usually end up with a headache after so much smashing but its all for some good family fun. I do chase my girls around but this time it's with a camera trying to capture those special moments I know they will cherish when they are adults. I know I wish I had at least one of me! :)

What is more exciting than confetti? As a kid, not much compares to it and as a mom with a camera, it's an awesome prop! :) Nothing puts a bigger smile on their face quite like confetti in the air. We made sure to have plenty of confetti in the eggs and also on the side for throwing on each other's faces. The downside with making confetti eggs is that I am still finding it in my carpet on almost every room! But it's a small price to pay for such precious moments. :)

The day began kind of slow being that we had chocolate bunnies for breakfast but then we finally decided to to head to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. We made it to the ranch and found a shady area to hide the eggs for the girls and the fun began. It was a bit humid but the weather felt great, it's usually enjoyable this time of the year and the perfect time for outdoor fun. My girls had fun looking for eggs, cracking them on my head and I had fun chasing my girls with the camera but we all got to do just what we love to do. We can't wait for next year! :)

While we had great family fun, we never forget the true beauty behind our Easter sunday. We are very greatful for everything our Lord has blessed us with. Thank you for making this and every day with our family possible for us. We celebrate with our hearts filled with love and appreciation for what you did for us. Never a day passes that I don't thank you for everything you do for us. Always greatful! :)



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas