Almost One Month Later Update

I can hardly believe just one month ago at this time I was going crazy wondering when my baby was ever gonna be born. Just one month ago I was miserable and desperate worrying day and night as to why it was taking so long. It's been just almost one month and now I can only think of one thing, time flies!

ONE MONTH LATER. While I hardly get any sleep still, the rest of me is finally beginning to feel like my normal self again and it feels great! It's so awesome to begin to feel like I got it going on again. Whatever that means but I feel like it and I LOVE It. :)) My clothes are fitting again, my shoes are finally sexy and my walk no longer resembles a penguins'! Yes, these are the little things that make me happy these days. It must be the lack of sleep I guess.

My WEIGHT LOSS. It's been crazy how fast I've lost so much weight. Last week I weighed 124lbs which is nice. I like this weight but I probably won't stay here as I continue to drop specially when I begin to exercise. I think my rapid weight loss has to do with my complete lack of appetite that began a couple of weeks after having Marina. I don't know why, but just the thought of food isn't so attractive to me anymore. I eat oatmeal in the mornings and feed the baby the rest of the day. Lack of sleep, lack of food and there you have it. I guess I can summarize my weight loss to one word: Lazy. If I don't cook I don't eat and if I don't eat, well I lose weight. My gosh, why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It's simple really.

LOTS OF PHOTOS! That's all I've been doing lately because I don't want to miss anything of this amazing time. I know time flies and babies are not babies for long and before you know it they are 4 1/2! Just in case you didn't know, according to a scientific study, it's at 4 1/2 that babies stop being adorable. If scientists say it, it must be true right? Not to me. To me my baby girls are the most amazingly adorable babies in the entire world and that's why I want to capture every single moment. :) I finally get out this weekend and I can't wait to capture more adorable moments on Easter Sunday, it's going to be fun!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas