Sick and Tired But Looking Forward to My Sunny Day

It's been a while since I have felt like my old self. Healthy, energetic and cheerful. While I wouldn't describe myself with those words now I don't lose sight of who I am really. Something about my busy life this past year has left me quite drained of all of these words. I am sure I am headed that way again and I can't wait to because this is not me.

Sick again! I was sick two weeks ago and now I have caught another virus that just plain came to laugh in my face. As if. It's like I'm a pain magnet! I can't shake it off and it's driving me mad. I go from one pain level and area to another and sometimes they like to accumulate in several places just to spice things up. I am nothing short of exhausted but very very hopeful. I have my eyes set on rewind and I know one day soon I will be my old self again! Yes, this makes me happy... finally! :)

While I'm usually not a whiny person, I do want to look back at this time of my life and say "I never want to feel that much pain and discomfort again" and keep working on getting better health. I know I'm healthy, my doctors told me so but what I have is more like complete exhaustion, body pain, lack of sleep and a dam virus killing the last bit of energy I can come up with. That's just about it.

So with that said, I can't stress enough how hopeful I am for my future. My happy sun will come up again and I will feel a million times better. I look forward to it with wide open arms... One day I'm going to be my old myself again! :)



Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas