New Baby? There's An App For That

I don't know why this App wasn't out when I needed it so bad with my other two girls. Oh yes I know... there was no iPads back then! I'm just so glad I have it now and it's the one thing that keeps me sane during my zombie like state these past three weeks.

The day I got in from the hospital I began looking for an App that would make my life as a new mommy less chaotic and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this one. I downloaded the trial which is good for only one thing, realizing you just can't live without it and then you buy the paid version. After forking out 4.99 there hasn't been a day or rather an hour that I don't use it. It keeps me sane during this unorganized and very forgetful time of my life. When my pediatrician asks me how's her eating progressing or her sleeping habits changing, I know exactly what to answer instead of what I answered with my other two daughters, "uhh". Yes, this app makes me sound like I actually got some sleep that night, so just for that it's worth every penny!

So what's this amazing App I just can't live without called? It's called... ok wait, I forgot! See, you ask me anything else other than Marina's last diaper change and I have no clue! Ok yes, it's called Baby Log and you can find it in the Market. No wait, that's what the Android one is called! It's in the iPad store or whatever you call it... I haven't slept in days, please bear with me! :) Oh yes, It's in the Apple App Store. There. I recommend you download the free trial version first but it won't do you no good, you'll want the paid version one minute later. This app not only keeps track of all baby's daily activities but also her milestones, vaccines, allergies, growth charts and diary with photos of all her cute little thumb suckings! I love it. :)

So for all you NEW mommies out there which I've noticed there are a bunch, I just had to share this App with you. It's so useful in every way. Now if there was an App for getting some sleep, I'd get one in a... what that thing called that the heart does? :/ I need sleep so bad but at least with this app I know just how my baby sleeps her day and night away and yet I can't seem to hardly get any. Oh well, one day my time will come again. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas