It's That Scary "Health Ed" Time Already?

Like everything else in my life, this has sneaked up on me... Health Education for my 9 year old. WHAT?! I don't think I was ready to receive this particular permission slip just yet and to be honest, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to sign it! I pride myself in educating my girls in everything before anyone else does, she knows she always trusts me to know the answers to any questions she may have.  Like she once told me when I made the mistake of answering her "I don't know" when she asked me something, she said to me "but mom, you know everything!"  I've had to live up to this high expectation at all times. Let's just say Google has been my close friend and ally in this endeavor.  It's not easy to be a know-it-all mom, you know. :)

My little girl is growing up! I rushed online to view the video she was going to be shown at school's health education class as images of 'what kind of trash porn are they going to show my little girl' kept flashing before my eyes! To my surprise and relief, I had already had this talk with her since like three years ago.  All my freaking out was a bit in vain but it just shows how responsive I am.  I remember being a little girl and hearing all kinds of stories and I would be terrified. Unable to have a real conversation with someone I could trust out of embarrassment I had to try to convince myself they were not telling the truth.  I pride myself in the relationship I have with my daughter, she knows she can trust me and always have me as a friend.  Yes, I am her mom but her friend as well.  Growing up I learned we have to take advice from somebody and when we can't find someone to trust, we will often take the dumb advice from another dumb friend who is just as clueless as we are.  I never want my girl to feel this way. By golly, I went to college! (Like Plankton would say) LOL :)

Relieved? I sure am... for now. At the same time a bit worried at everything that is yet to come but I will handle it probably just as freaked out as I was this time.  What's important is, I will handle it.  Last night with tears in her eyes she told me "mom, I don't have much longer to be a little girl" and I said to her "babygirl, to me you will ALWAYS be my little girl" as I signed her permission slip.

❥ lorena frith

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas