This Girl Wants to Make an Entrance

Apparently she is not ready yet and have no idea when she will be! Yesterday and today have been days of waiting and waiting but of no progress.  I'm definitely feeling contractions since then but have not gotten progressively stronger.  They just come and go as they please and today just seems to be yet another day of the same thing... waiting and no progress. :) My trip to the hospital was just that, a trip. I was told to go home and wait for stronger labor pain symptoms which could be at any moment or at any day.  With my due date of March 8 I still got plenty of time but honestly hope she doesn't wait that long! Praying for a health baby delivery.

While she's doing good and I still have a good couple of weeks before my OB even thinks of inducing my labor, at this point all I can do is wait for her to make her move when she's ready.  I'm glad to finally be in March and honestly, March 2 (ehem, also Jon Bon Jovi's birthday) would have been nice but at this time, it is not gonna happen. What's next? Sophia's due date she chose several months ago. She picked Camila's birth day correctly several months before she was even born and if she guesses this one too I'm gonna get her registered in some type of psychic course and start charging money from her! :)

All I know at this point is that this girl wants to definitely make an entrance I won't soon forget!  She is taking her sweet time and me for a ride far longer than I ever expected. :) So here I am  now, waiting for the any moment I have to run to the hospital that just seems to be taking forever.  I am enjoying the visit and being with my mom every moment right now, so this has kept me occupied the past couple of days.

So this is it for now, I'm off to running on my treadmill and doing some extensive vacuuming and strenuous wrestling... I think that's what the doctor ordered. :)

❥ lorena frith

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas