Happy Birthday To My Mother

It was such an honor to have my mother at my home during the time of her birthday. One week had passed since she came to stay for my delivery that I was actually glad I waiting until after her birthday to spend this special day with her. I was thrilled when my sister Aime came to visit us too as I know this made her birthday even more special! ☺
My mom at Cuco's Mexican Restaurant singing Las MaƱanitas to her!  My mom is so modest that she doesn't even want anyone to know or even celebrate her birthday that when all the waiters came to sing to her in the middle of the whole restaurant and all the crowd joined in, she couldn't believe it! She was so embarrassed that these photos became priceless to me. :) I Love My Mom!
Celebrating at Cuco's Mexican Restaurant 3/04/12

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas