What I Love About My Canon 5DMII

With one word?... Everything! While I haven't had some real time with it out in the field due to me being a bit, how do you say it, unavailable for the past few months, I plan on getting jiggy with it a whole lot more in the coming months. All I can really say is that my upgrade was way over due and deciding on which camera to upgrade to took a bit of time. I wasn't sure if I wanted the 7D or 5D as both seem very promising and definitely worth having. At the end, due to some amazing reviews I decided on the Canon 5DMII and I can't say I regret it one single bit. From the moment I opened the box, I was completely in loove! :)

While I haven't used it much there are some basic features that just stand out from the beginning and definitely worth mentioning. This camera has an amazingly high ISO performance, it just gobbles light so for an indoor camera it works amazingly. I was very impressed with this one feature as the image quality of your photos are unlike anything else I've seen. The 5D is a full frame camera so with its wide angle it lets all your lenses work exactly the way they should without cropping any of the image out. This one became very important for me when deciding on getting this camera. The LCD on the back is so bright and makes checking for photo sharpness super easy. Just out of the box this baby feels amazing in my hands... the grip ooh it is so dreamy! It's a bit heavier than others but very well balanced in your hands. And finally, while it does great video I can't say I've tested this feature out much yet. The only bad things are the 5DMII is very demanding on high end L lenses and has no built in popup flash (not that I ever used it).

I shot this photo of my daughter Camila on her birthday in a pitch dark room with only the candles as ambien light. I used my 85mm f1.8 lens as it works amazing as an indoor lens. I was pretty impressed with the image as my baby girl is not very still for long. This photo captured exactly what I was seeing right in front of me. 

I did not get the kit lens that comes witht the camera so I saved that money being I have my eyes set on my dream lens, coming soon. I don't do much indoor photography and I figured the 70-200mm L lens would be all that I need for all the outdoors. The beautiful Spring season is almost here so with this lens and my 5DMII, I will be ready to use it for just about everything. I can't wait!

As you may know this past year has been a difficult year for me but I plan on using this a whole lot in the coming year. I am very exited since I've been out of doing what I love for a while. I am already in love with my new Canon 5D MarkII and I look forward to making some amazing memories with it. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas