Mama Mia And The Surprise Kitty! :)

Mia with her newborn baby Feb 16, 2012
Walking through a parking lot we were stopped by a truck asking us if we wanted a free kitten. I said "sure" and that's how my beautiful cat Mia came into my life. As it turns out, this family had tried to sell the kittens being that the mom cat was a himalayan but had no sucess. They were forced to give them to a good home and boy was Mia the perfect kitty for us.

In my family we are all cat lovers and at the time we had no real indoor cat to call out own, only outdoor sort of wild cats that came and went as they pleased so she was going to the purrfect home! :) US. Fast forward three years later and she's still the queen of this house only now she's become a whole new main attraction for a different reason.

Being that she was only carrying one kitten, she never showed any signs of being pregnant at least compared to me that I look like I could literally burst any minute. February 16, she kept acting so strange meowing at me and purring and rubbing and just plain being extra sweet. I knew something was different until I saw her guide me to my closet and saw her "nesting" in there. "Mia, why are you nesting?" I thought. Well, there was only one reason of course but sometimes I like to act dumb and ask myself dumb questions like that. Three hours later I go to check on her and this is what I see, a little tiny thing that seem to be breathing! Awww! Mia had a baby kitten!!! I ran and told everyone.

So, we are so happy as we love kittens and more importantly a kitten that comes from Mia, my spoiled, sweet and often photographed cat. So yes, I guess this kinda makes me a grandma and no, I'm not too happy about that part! :) Happy New Mom's Day Mia!


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas