LEAP YEAR BABY. Possibly... My Last Day Pregnant!

My doctor's visit today was not exactly what I expected. As my due date was changed to March 9th, I was told I was ready for a hospital visit today but being that it was a Leap Year, I may not want to. I did NOT want to! My other option was to go home, get lots of rest and hope to make it until tomorrow... March 1st then head to the hospital in the morning. :)

I've got like an hour more to go for this day to be over so yay! The whole day has been filled with small contractions every now and then but nothing that would scare me enough to grab my bag and go. 5cm with pains is enough to get me a ticket in the hospital tomorrow morning though. I just needed to make my last post as pregos before tomorrow as I have no idea what it will bring. I'm pretty exited though as I have been waiting for this for over nine months now! Last night I had a dream I had the baby only to wake up feeling as pregnant as ever! This dream was just letting me know of the news I was going to get today at my OB appointment. Leap year baby, at this point it seems like not! :) I just wanted something in march and the 1st sounds good to me.

MY MOM IS HERE! As if she knew what awaited me today, she came to see me today! I am so blessed to have her with me again. She has always taken her time to come visit me during my hardest hours and this time it wasn't any different. She will watch my girls when I'm at the hospital and that means the world to me!

Tomorrow will be a long day and I have no idea what awaits me. God help me and give me the strength I need to give life to my new baby girl because to meet her tomorrow would literally be a dream come true! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas