I am FULL TERM and Hoping For One More Week! ツ

So this is it, I'm done, Full Term today and you think I would want out of this 9 month contract right about now, but you'd be wrong. I am hoping for a March baby and with this in mind, I am so close to reaching this goal. One more week... past the February leap year of course cause nothing would be weirder than to be born February 29. If I can get past the 29th, I can finally say I'm Done! At least I am, I don't know about the baby though. :)

I have reached a point of extreme and utter exhaustion. Close to five years ago I had a lower back injury that left me handicap to the point where I could never wear 9 inch heels again. Yeah, for a girl that's kind of a disability so I've had to go smaller, way smaller... like 3 inches and flats. Bending over excessively is out of the question too so my gardening life is almost extinct but I still can manage a bush or two. So, while I deal with this back pain relatively fine with a few modifications, when my bones loosen during pregnancy, my whole world becomes almost unbearable to walk in. Let's just say I was passed in the grocery store isle the other day by a 95 year old man! That bad.

My first pregnancy was a breeze! Wow, so simple and pain free. Literally. It's called an epidural... the best thing ever. Pain free from beginning to end. But on my second pregnancy... the complete opposite! The back pain during my whole pregnancy was just as unbearable as this one. Again, epidural at birth and pain free at last! So, yeah there seems to be a pattern here and I plan on following it one more time when the time comes. But until it does come, I continue to be in pain... every single day for nine long months now. And to make matters worse, this girl has been head down for over a month! I don't know if she's been ready to be born or just plain decided to make it as painful as possible to me. :) If one thing makes me feel better is that this will be my last.

So with as much bed rest as I can muster, I am hanging in there for one more week and I hope she does too but it's her birth day and she can come home any day she wants to. One thing is for sure, her health is the most important thing to me no matter how much pain I have to endure. We love her so much already and we can't wait to meet her!!! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas