All I can say is how blessed I feel to be together with the love of my life one more year! Nobody really has it easy but when it is, it is wonderful and worth every second! How did we meet? Well, I guess in an awkward and strange way like everyone else meets but never in my wildest dreams did I think we were meant for each other. We are, how can we say it, different, but I believe this is what attracts us to each other. Over the years we have learn to truly appreciate, respect and admire our differences in a way we never thought was possible. Now, it all makes sense why we were meant to be. :)

February 14, 1998 was the big day for us and sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday! 14 years later, two girls and one almost here, we are more in love than ever. He loves me, he loves my girls and we are crazy about him! What else can I say, here's to at least another 14 more years! I LOVE YOU BABYBOY!

Happy Valentines Day! I am pretty excited about today as it seems like I'm getting exactly what I wanted! I am so grateful for celebrating this special day with my baby boy and my baby girls (all three of them). My special day not only comes with an awesome day with my family that I love with all my heart but my gift that I chose just happens to be awesome too! (The Canon 5D Mark II) Ooh, What can I say, I'm ONE HAPPY GIRL!

Had such a yummy dinner at our traditional restaurant that we always go to on this day. For 14 years we've been going to Red Lobster and have a great time every time we're there. Our favorite is the Ultimate Feast with all it's glorious 3 thousand calories! Wish I was there right now! YUM!

I'm so very grateful for having such a special day with my baby boy and baby girls. I look forward to another wonderful year! :)


Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas