Surprise Baby Girl

My baby girl 3 came as such a surprise that I am just starting to believe it myself. While the thought of having my third and last baby always crossed my mind, I knew I wasn't ready for it yet.  Maybe, I thought, in a couple of years.  And then it happened, the nausea.  Yeah, I know it all too well, it was just almost impossible to believe because these things don't happen to me, I thought.  I have planned my other girls down to the month I wanted them to be born in but not this time.

I struggled believe it until it finally set it... about the time I was 4 months or so when this photograph came to be.  I was IN LOVE.  What it seemed like something unreal, it became real when I saw her little face smiling at me. Whether I planned it or not, here she was and my heart melted.  Now I count the days when she will be in my arms and to finally meet this little baby girl who became the little miracle surprise baby that she is.  With two months to go, I dream of the day she will be in my arms and one day I woke up to these thoughts in my head:

I dream of you, I think of you,
You grow more with every day.
I love you now, I will love you then too
But nothing will compare to when I'm holding you.
Until we meet I will feel you kick,
To tell me how you can't wait to meet.
You are so small inside of me,
But you are the biggest blessing God has sent to me.
-Lorena to Surprise Baby Girl

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas