Hello 2012! :-)

Decided to spend our New Years Day at the country having some ranch fun enjoying my animals. While there's nothing wrong with staying at home laying in bed resting all day, which was my second option, actually I missed my chickens. :)

The day weather is beautiful so staying indoors just seemed like a bit of a waste of cool fresh awesome day. 64* and sunny, a bit unseasonably warm but I'll take it! Hope you're enjoying your first day of the year too! :)

7:38pm. Now I'm finally resting in bed. It was great to see all my loving animals were happy and healthy. I'm not in the best shape to be walking around so I got tired pretty easy. Also taking photos was so difficult, the bending over seemed almost impossible but I managed to take some of my girls riding Josey, our sweet girl donkey and got to act like monkeys. [pic] :) I always love to see them having fun!

Had such a fun day but now I'm tired so I'm in bed and getting ready to watch a Kung Fu movie with my baby. Goodnight and hello 2012!!!

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas