To Be or Not To Be... Creative.

I'm just here hanging out with Sophie! :) She's coughing up a storm around me giving me all her stanky germs! haha I'm showing her my new Apps on my iPad... she says she's going to steal it from me! I don't think SO!... Ok, she didn't say that but I'm sure that's what she was thinking. :)

She wants to do it..... so at school we made paper snow flakes in art class!!!! their was a funky way to do it but thankfully my snowflake came out just fine, so sad because you need a specialy shaped tracer card to do it:( i really wish their was another way to do it because mine came out beautifly and i wish i could make another one:(.

Awww, my babygirl is learning to type with both hands! :) I'm so proud of her because at such a young age she is already beginning to master crafts I didn't know how to until I was mucho older. Of course, I didn't have the tools needed to create whatever came into my mind. This is one area we strive so hard for our girls. To give them the opportunity to be creative at whatever craft they choose. This is the amazing advantage of being born during this tech rich world we are in right now. Even a 9 year old has things I didn't have until I was 30 and then some. At nine years old I was hoping for some plastic flip flops or a paper notebook to jot down some of my thoughts in. I always had the creative mind to write, there just wasn't any way to express it. I'm so happy to have my girls be as creative or more than me and also have a way to show how amazing they are at it.

My mind is literally bursting with creative story and movie ideas... when I sleep. I guess it's the only time when I can let go of everything that's going on around me and just be whoever it wants to be. Creative. I have learned to suppress this amazing part of myself because of daily life and it always finds it's way out when I have no control over it... or maybe when it's my only free quiet time. My daughter has been given this gift and I want to do everything I can do fulfill it because I know what it's like to be frustrated to have something so great and just never use it. She gets complimented by her teachers at her awesome writing skills all the time... "We don't even teach them this yet and she's already doing it!" I feel so proud when I hear this and it's all the encouragement I need to try a little bit harder at helping her.

"Mom, I want an iPad so I can type fast like you and write my stories" ... YUP, maybe now she knows my weakness too well. ;) Well then, an iPad it is babygirl, and iPad it is.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas