Happy Thanksgiving (Turkey Caught on Fire!)

I could not be happier! My mom made it to visit us this Thanksgiving and it was like a dream come true! Her visit came as a surprise when my sister Aime asked her to come with her and I was thrilled. Having my these two lovely ladies with me and my family during this holiday was such an amazing blessing! I love them so much. :)

The Cooking: I was so excited to also have my sister Aime come visit and help me cook and be my co-chef. I'm not gonna lie, we were awesome together being that all our dishes were home made and filled with ingredients. We started cooking around noon and didn't finish until we sat down to eat dinner with the desserts in the oven still. And yes, my turkey even caught on fire as we were taking it out of the over but it was alright because we can say this became the thrill of the day... well sort of. :)

We were so tired by the time we sat down to eat that I even forgot to change clothes to something fancy so oops. We were starving but luckily the food was AMAZING! I'm not lying, it's was the best Thanksgiving meal I've ever had and I'm not saying it because I made it. It was just goood! :)

The Menu: Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato & marshmallows, peach cobbler, apple pie and pecan pie. Wow, so much food, makes me wish I was eating all this again!
Hope your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful as mine was filled with blessings, great food and amazing family by our side.

So much to be Thankful for because this year was so wonderful filled with so many wonderful moments with ups and down but everything always to be grateful for.  Just being here with my loving family was more than I could have asked for. :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas