Finally, the iPhone gets to Sprint!

So today I come with the news that i got the new white iPhone 4S! :)) The day finally came when Sprint got the iPhone and of course we were first in line! Not literally, we pre-ordered it online so it actually came to us Friday morning but still... We've been waiting for this for a very, very long time!

Don't get me wrong, I still have my Android Evo which I love which still holds my "personal" number. There's so much the Android phones can do that the iPhone cannot. But realistically, that's not the reason why we wanted one... We just did! Ok, there I said it! :)

What I love more about the iPhone:
1. It's an iPhone.
2. It syncs perfectly with my iPad 2 through iCloud (iOS5) which has tons of great Apps the Honeycomb Tablets right now do not.
3. iTunes. It basically has all my music and movies hostage and it's the only way I can access it so I'm forced to pay the ransom! Happily.
4. Always been a fan. I can't say more than I have every iPod, the Touch, iPad and Shuffle out there and just needed this to complete the collection. ;)

What I love about the Android Evo:
1. Everything else. There, short and simple. Google, widgets and tons of features makes an awesome phone!

So, if I had to pick one phone as my main phone which one will it be? Right now, I'm thrilled with the iPhone... Ooh shiny and new... but it's not in my personal number YET. After trying it out some more Maybe, just maybe soon it will. Right now, I'm just thrilled and glued to this new toy but the effect should wear out soon. :)) I think.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas