Happy Birthday To Me!!! :))

Yay, May 23, it was my special day and I was one happy girl! :)) I was so grateful at everything I got that day but mostly for actually getting there. That is definitely the biggest blessing and gift I could ever hope to receive. Every year is a celebration of life and that is what I try to focus on, everything else is secondary and not necessary.

The only thing I asked for was life, happiness and cake! Thank you God for the blessing of life you have given me and for everyone who surrounds me.  I realized how special I feel just knowing they are in my life. This past year was a bit hard for me but I look forward to a more amazing year.  We cannot go back in time but we can only learn not to make the same mistakes.  Thank you God for everything!

May 23... Happy Birthday to Me!!! :))

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas