Happy Easter!

Easter for our family is all about tradition... While sometimes we spend it with other family members, we usually spend it just with our family. Every year we make Easter eggs by saving egg shells for weeks so we can then paint them and fill them with confetti. We look forward to this day so we can finally hide them and the girls find them and crack them on each others heads! The chase is fun and the confetti flying everywhere is even better!
The Easter bunny still visits my girls so this year he brought them a basket like it does every year. Sophie loved them so much she even said "mom, the bunny is so good, he even brought us each a parakeet!" They are the cutest things ever. :)
While we do like to have the little kid fun with the eggs and the candy, we never forget what this day is all about. We are always grateful for Jesus giving his life for us so that we may have days like these to rejoice with our families. Our lives are gifts and should never be taken for granted. Today is just one more day that we live with his sacrifice ever present and always grateful for everything he did and does for us everyday.

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas