Friendly Surprises

One thing I love about life are the unexpected friendly faces you can meet just about at any time and yesterday was one of those days.

Hardie and Shiloh

Hearing we were having company was such a fun surprise and we prepared to have a cookout that we hoped they would enjoy.  Taking Hardie and his wonderful wife Sybil around our place and being greeted by our many animals was so much fun them.  They were glad to meet new faces and they let their curiosity show. All my respects for Hardie’s amazing life stories… it was so Hardie and Sybilmuch fun hearing every one of them.

Here’s Shiloh giving Hardie sugars!


Fajitas and my home made Mexican rice was as good as always and were glad they enjoyed it. Hearing they had a great time with us and they enjoyed our food was all the reward we could hope for. Meeting Hardie and his wonderful wife Sybil was so much fun and can’t wait to have them visit once again! Thank you again for the wonderful friendship. =)

lorena frith

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas