My First EVO Android Post

One word, Finally! I don't know how long Google Blogger app has been out, but for me, just now! I am now complete. I mean, what took so long? Out of all the Google apps in my Android phone this is the one I've been waiting for... I wanted to blog from my phone already. :)

You will now hear so much more from my jibber jabber... And if you're lucky it might not be as boring as this post. Hey, I'm happy and I get weird when I'm happy. ;)

Adios! :)
Ps. Sorry, no picture to post... I emptied my EVO from all the 3k pictures I had in it.  Ok, fine... I found one! It's a nesting dove outside my window... I'll be having baby doves soon! :)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas