We are family, that’s what we do.

I’ve come to realize that no matter what hardships I may go through, my sisters and parents are always there for me.  It makes me feel happy, blessed and oh so loved! While we usually don’t like to worry each other with problems, we all know that when we need the other we are always there no matter what. It doesn’t take much to rally each other up with support and encouraging words. Usually that’s all it takes to remember what a close family we are and to help us get back in our feet. Like one of my sisters once told me “we are family, that’s what we do”. I am truly blessed to have the close knit family that I have. =)
my family
Looking through some old photos I found this one rare photo of all my sisters and brother with my mom together.  I wish my dad was here too but he usually doesn’t like to party. A photo of the whole family is definitely in my TODO list. We are so many siblings so we usually don’t fit into one photo, as you can see my sister Elisa is behind my mom, and we live far apart so it’s usually one thing or the other. But when we do get together, it is definitely a great time! =)

I will continue to accept my blessings now more than ever and continue to enjoy every one of them to the fullest.  A new chapter in my life maybe but definitely a place that is much too familiar for me. I love every one of them so much and definitely miss them all the time.  Since I was born you were my first blessing and without you I wouldn’t be the woman, friend and mother I am today. I love you mom and dad, Sandra, Elisa, Lupe, Sonia and Aime for being the best family in the world a girl could ever have! I have learned to much from each one of you and I’m pretty sure you still have a lot more to teach me. ;-)

Lorena Frith

Lifestyle Photographer in Houston, Texas